Our goal is to provide you with custom services and a financial program that give you maximum results within the context of your ministry’s needs and budget.  These are the primary services Tower Ministry Finance offers:

We help churches and ministries prepare for the future and make decisions by creating financial forecasts, budgets, and cash flow forecasts.  This allows the ministry team to make informed decisions about what initiatives can be pursued now and which need to wait until later.

Accounting software setup
The accounting software is the backbone of a ministry's financial system, and a key part of our work is to tailor software to meet the ministry's reporting needs.  We particularly specialize in QuickBooks© and QuickBooks Online©, which are both cost-effective solutions to ministry requirements.

Processes, documentation, and training
One of the best ways a ministry can successfully manage finances with volunteer help is by making sure that financial reports are prepared accurately and consistently.  Tower Ministry Finance supports this by and carefully planning the processes, outlining them, and then training staff and volunteers to follow those processes.

Financial reviews and reporting
Our monthly financial review service is an ideal solution for small, stable ministries that have their own bookkeeper, want to have the confidence that the numbers are correct, have insights into what the numbers reveal about the ministry, and have regular access to expertise.

We offer bookkeeping services for ministries that would prefer not doing their bookkeeping in-house.

Outsourced Chief Financial Officer and accounting services
For growing and larger ministries that need regular financial management and supervision, Tower Ministry Finance personnel are available as part-time, high level staff, meeting the ministry's needs while saving money that full-time staff would require.


Contact us to arrange for a complimentary financial strategy session so that you can tell us about your ministry, goals, and needs, at which time we’ll be able to recommend options and provide an estimated budget.