Good Friday 2018

Here it is Good Friday 2018, and I’ve got a boatload of stuff to do. Aside from normal day-to-day business I’m helping a client move their business office (as the guy who needs the financial computers to be up and running on Monday morning). I got up rather early in order to get to church, since each year we have an all-night prayer vigil where different parishioners sign up for an hour of prayer. And of course I’ll go to Good Friday service this evening… hopefully not a sweaty, smelly mess!

But in some ways it’s appropriate to be a mess on Good Friday. Our contemporary and sterile Western perspective on major biblical events doesn’t convey the reality of what happened. A bloody execution took place on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and those around would have seen blood and gushing from our Lord’s body at the distressing climax of the event.

I suppose there are a number of things that I could say in perspective of this in an attempt to relate it to church finance and administration. But really, at the end of this (and every) day I’m forced to confess that it’s not about finance and administration. If it were, I’d be making an idol out of this vocation. No, it’s about our Lord, remembering his sham trial and very real execution.

So today, in the midst of business and busyness, it will be that commemoration.

Have a blessed, thoughtful, Easter.

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